Helix Scandinavica


Helix Scandinavica was founded in 1994. The club came to being by the common desire of the members of the Norwegian corkscrew collectors club (Norsk Korketrekker Klubb) and other Scandinavian corkscrew collectors who were also members of the ICCA. Membership in the Club is open to corkscrew collectors living in Scandinavia. The maximum is 15 members, five from each country of Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Since 2013 we also has one member from Finland.

Since 1997 the club has also accepted Associate members from other countries. Associates are entitled to take part in all activities apart from the AGM itself. We have 13 associate members from 9 Countries; Austria, Canada, England, France, Germany, Holland, Rumania, Switzerland and USA.


The Club's affairs are administered by a slate of executives including a Chairman, a Treasurer, a Chief correspondent, a Newsletter editor and a Webmaster.



Since 1997 the club has been publishing an annual Newsletter. The members contribute all the materials. The Newsletter is intended to cover all news about members and new corkscrew discoveries during the past year concerning Scandinavian made corkscrews.


All members are entitled to receive the Newsletter.



The Annual meeting of members is traditionally held during the first week of May. The hosting duties rotate between the three countries.


The first meeting was hosted by Buster Berntson in Göteborg, Sweden in 1994.


At the AGM, food, beverage and good friendship are top priorities for everyone, members as well as their accompanying persons.













Contact: roland "at" helixscandinavica.com



Jens Arnbjerg (Chairman)

Martin Jessen

Anne-Lise Köhler

Sten Nielsen

Anders Villemoes (Treasurer)


Björn Bendigtsen

Björn Berger (Editor)

Francois Lefevre

Philippe Lefevre (Chief corr.)

Christer Ohlsson

Helgir Solheim

Egil Thorbjörnsen


Roland Brodin (Webmaster)

Per Ekman

Reidar Remneson

Göran Nilsson

Fredrik Åström


Lauri Lapila